Grade 11 & 12 Math

  • Complete Tuition System

  • Teaches, tests and assesses

  • Keeps track of your strong and weak areas

  • Tailors a revision program for you

  • Plots your overall percentage so that you can track your progress throughout the year

Grade 11 & 12

Moving up into Grade 11 Math can be a struggle, because the things you need to know are often not thoroughly learnt in Grade 10. Suddenly you have to look at things in a whole different way. Grade Aid Learning takes the mystery out of Math and helps prepares you for your final exams with confidence.


Know your stuff!

Year 11 & 12

The way to succeed at Math is to ensure you have a full comprehension of what you are doing. With Grade Aid Learning you can rest assured that you are learning the things you need to know.

Remember - even one extra mark can be enough to make sure that you make the grade for University.


Runs on all recent Windows operating systems including Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. A minimum of 128MB RAM, 4MB VGA Card, 1.2GB Hard Drive space available, Sound Card and Speakers or Headphones.

An online version of the program is available for Apple Mac computers, for more information please discuss this with one of our consultants.

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