Tutor Services

We realize that parents want to know how their child is "measuring up". Does she know what she needs to know? Is he doing enough?

It is important for your child to follow a work program which is appropriate to their individual needs. In schools today, students sitting in the same class-room are working at different levels of difficulty. This is worrying for parents who would like to know whether their children are making progress.

Due to this ongoing challenge, we introduced our unique monitoring system in 2005, and it has been an enormous success. In fact, we never dreamed that it would be met with such a tremendous response from our students.

We look after your child
Our tutors receive a copy of the reports on your PC, and analyze progress. Our program is designed to match the curriculum and our unique reporting system sends us very detailed information so we can quickly assess exactly how your child is progressing.

It's very easy to send reports to our tutors. Simply click the upload button on the main manu... the reports are then sent to Grade Aid Learning for easy access by our tutors. It's that simple!

Encouragement Reports
Our tutors study your child's results carefully and provide encouragement and guidance. So that you can be sure that your child is doing the right thing.

This also encourages students to continue using the Math and English Wiz programs regularly because they feel they are supported and not alone. With the benefit of this personalized guidance your children will know exactly what they need to do. This invaluable service helps us remain connected to students and ensures that they are receiving the support that they really need. This all contributes to creating an environment where students can develop positive self esteem, and feel good about themselves and their learning experiences.