Primary Math - Developed for Canadian Kids

George Moran"I am most impressed that, using the Math Wiz program, the students have successfully learnt difficult concepts without the 'hard work' which is generally associated with learning mathematics through conventional methods".

G. Moran, B.Min., Dip.Theol., Dip.RE, TPTC

Math Wiz uses a proven multi-media format to provide a powerful learning platform that makes learning Math fun and easy to understand. Because it is interactive and fun, childeren enjoy being challenged and therefore learn at a faster pace. Yet Math Wiz is not a game, it is a structured educational program which supports all of the key topics covered in the Math curriculum.

The Math Wiz primary program has hundreds of lessons with a total of five thousand interactive questions. There are animations, teacher commentaries, numeracy exams, look-and-listen times tables practice exercises and achievement tests - all designed to help your child do well in school.

Grade Aid Learning is so confident that your children will succeed if they use the program properly, that they offer a money-back guarantee.

What makes Math Wiz superior to any other program?

  • Interactive questions make Math fun to do

  • Recorded sound for beginner readers

  • Teacher commentaries with animations

  • Tutors to monitor your children's progress

  • Developed for Canadian Kids

  • Math Games - Beat the clock and Meet the challenge

  • Homework and Parent Helpline

Look and Listen

Our teachers have produced voice-overs with animated pictures, to make learning math easy and enjoyable. Please click the picture, to look and listen to part of a beginner lesson on addition.

Interactive Questions

Interactive questions

Every lesson has interactive Math problems, which is a tremendously powerful feature. Having questions on the computer, rather than printed work-sheets, enables the program to be engaging and increases the enjoyment factor. It also means that the student is immediately corrected and can go on to get the next problem right - thus gaining confidence as they go.

Random Number Games

Random number gamese

Beat-the-clock challenge games, with unlimited random numbers, help kids get up to speed with mental arithmetic. Addition, subtraction and times tables are basic Math skills, just like spelling is for English. The "warm-up" games in Math Wiz are designed to improve the student's ability to compute numbers without needing to consciously think about it.


Assistance for Beginner Readers (Hover your mouse to hear the sound)

Beginner readers can click the sound icon to hear the lessons and questions read out. The computer even talks to you, to provide the right answer when needed!

Guidance from our Tutors
Knowing that their work is being monitored by a tutor, and that a goals are being supported by someone outside of the home, encourages students to utilize the tutoring program on a regular basis. Our tutoring staff can also provide proactive guidance to students who are not working in a productive manner... perhaps they are guessing instead of studying, they may be working at a curriculum level which is too demanding, or simply idling.

It's very easy to upload reports to our tutors. You simply click a button on the menu and all of your children's reports will be sent to our secure web-server.

Preparation for Tests

Preparation for Achievement Tests

Math Wiz has Achievement tests for each chapter and Grade level.

Intervention program

Intervention Program

Struggling students can fill in their knowledge gaps and catch up on lost work - Math Wiz can be used as an intervention program for students who have fallen behind. Research has shown that weak students struggle because they do not have recall of number facts and do not understand place value (e.g. adding tens and ones).

No Gaps!

No Gaps

This is a structured course, so students should progress through from top to bottom of each unit. Math needs plenty of practice, so using the program helps ensure that everything needed for school is practiced and absorbed. The program marks and corrects immediately, so your child knows exactly what to do, and how to do it.

Making sure that you are ready for Secondary School

In school, only the top students are expected to complete the primary Math course with thorough understanding. In fact, many go on to secondary school having only a partial understanding of many key concepts necessary to have a solid foundation for future learning. This inevitably means that they are unprepared to cope with the new challenges that high school will bring. This can naturally have a damaging impact on self-esteem.

Grade Aid Learning students can go on to high school with confidence and the knowledge that they have the tools to provide them with a full comprehension of the mathematical principles that that they need to know.

Homework Help-lines

  • Math telephone and email help-lines

  • Family help-line to answer any questions that you may have

  • English essay email support


Runs on all recent Windows operating systems including Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. A minimum of 128MB RAM, 4MB VGA Card, 1.2GB Hard Drive space available, Sound Card and Speakers or Headphones.

An online version of the program is available for Apple Mac computers, for more information please discuss this with one of our consultants.


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